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Beige Color Natural origin

Beige Color Natural origin

Landscape lake with reeds. Beige Color Natural origin

Beige Color Natural origin
Always a topical classic, beige color takes equal positions in comparison with white, black and gray colors. Meanwhile, there are more than a thousand different shades of beige. In fact, beige originates in nature: stones, bamboo, autumn leaves, and sandy beaches. Moreover, it is the color closest to the natural color of the skin. This color can eliminate aggression, pacify and relax. In addition, all shades of beige contribute to a full and high-quality rest. People who prefer beige to all other colors are emotional souls who value practicality most of all. In addition, in any life situations, even the most difficult, they try to maintain neutrality.

Beige Color Natural origin

Shell on the sandy beach. Beige Color Natural origin

Его еще называют цвет nude.

Called also nude, beige as one of the classic colors, is on a par with black and white. Elegant, restrained, soft and emphasizing the dignity – that’s just some of the qualities of the color. Indeed, close to the color of the body, and the same as the skin, beige has a lot of shades. What does the color of the body tell us? First of all, about health, which means about well-being.

Naked, then open, which in turn speaks about honesty, adherence to principles, respect for others. Office clothing in this color will look harmonious and restrained. Beige clothing is also suitable for romantic occasions, especially in combination with blue, green, gold and nut colors.

Since beige color symbolizes coziness and calmness, it is good to use it in the interior of premises. And most often the beige color acts as a background color.

According to Feng Shui, beige color and all its shades (sandy, light brown, melted milk, ivory) personify stability and happiness for all zones. This suggests that this color matches any sector. It will strengthen the positive energy, as it is an element of the earth. Most of all, beige color helps to strengthen family, love and friendly relationships.

The interior, designed exclusively in neutral colors, is perfect for those rooms in which you will rest and gain strength, for example, in the bedroom.

Beige Color Natural origin

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