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Blue color inspirational quotes and meaning

Blue color inspirational quotes and meaning

Stunning rose of blue color. Blue color inspirational quotes and meaning

Blue color inspirational quotes and meaning
Traditionally, blue is the color of Heaven, peace and contemplation. Accordingly, its main property, which is widely used in feng shui, is the ability to calm, bring humility to the soul, desire to know the world and its place in it. Thus, if in your house there is a room for meditation, then blue is perfect for its decoration.
However, to plunge into thinking about Heaven, your destiny, the dao, the harmony of the world, you do not need to go to a special room. It is enough to choose such an object in the interior of your office, bedroom or even kitchen, which attracts an additional flow of qi and causes you to think. In particular, it can be a landscape or a carpet on a wall in blue tones, a blue meditation rug, or a porcelain set made in the same color scheme.
Also, blue is the color of Water, and a shade of blue. Meanwhile, the blue and even more intense, bright color – indigo – exacerbate intuition and stimulate spiritual attraction in the human soul. They will attract additional qi to the areas of the family and knowledge. The colors of Water are ideal for those rooms in the house that are under the auspices of this element – in the bathroom, and the toilet.

Blue color inspirational quotes and meaning

Mountains of Altai (When the clouds hug the mountains). Maria Mitrokhina (Ria_mitro_shop). Moscow. Blue color inspirational quotes and meaning

Blue – the color of the sky, peace, relaxation, and eternity. It is an attachment to everything around us: unity, close connection, constancy, fidelity. The need for blue means a need for peace, contentment and harmony. And people who experience prolonged stress often reject blue color. A person avoiding wearing blue clothes can thus protest against any social norms and authorities.

Blue – the color of femininity and motherhood.

Today, blue is in fashion, it’s such a shade of red! (WALL-E)

Blue is the color of the threat. It is the color of the soul that is trying to survive. (Togainu no Chi)

– What do you associate with a dark blue color?
“I associate a dark blue color with idiotic questions.”
(Roman Voronezhsky, coffee lessons)
– Do you know why the sky is blue?
– No.
– Because I do not like red and painted it in blue.
  (Do not just believe in love (Nishabd)

Color celestial, blue,
I fell in love from a young age.
In childhood it meant for me
The blue beginning.

And now, when I reached
The peak of my days,
Sacrifying other colors
I will not give up blue.

It is beautiful without embellishment.
This is the color of your favorite eyes.
This is your bottomless sight,
Frozen with blue.
(Nikolay Melitonovich Baratashvili)

Blue color inspirational quotes and meaning