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Exotic lemon yellow fruit Buddha’s hand

Exotic lemon yellow fruit Buddha's hand

Bringing good luck, happiness and longevity, Exotic lemon yellow fruit Buddha’s hand

Exotic lemon yellow fruit Buddha’s hand
In fact, the oldest citrus from Western India, Western Asia, and the Mediterranean, it is already thousands of years old. According to legend, once the Buddha touched this tree with his hand and since then such fruits began to grow on it. At least, this origin of the name exists in India. There are other interesting stories about this fruit.
Known as a citron, a cedar, a Corsican lemon, or a hand of the Buddha it is the popular fruits of one of the citrus fruits in Asia. Meanwhile, this fruit color and appearance of the crust, as well as the contents strongly resembles a lemon. True, it does not have a lemon flavor, and under thick skin, there is often no juicy pulp. Citron fruit, which has a delicious aroma, is not eaten fresh, but used for making candied fruits, marmalade, jam, and even perfume. In addition, people use this unusual yellow fruit when storing clothes, because it gives the smell of freshness and purity.

Lemon yellow fruit Buddha's hand

Lemon yellow fruit Buddha’s hand

Meanwhile, Chinese often keep this fruit in the house as a talisman. According to belief, it brings good luck, happiness and gives longevity.
Citron, Citrus (Citrus medica) still has other names. In particular, “Corsican” – Corsican lemon, “Diamant” – Sicilian citron, “Ethrog” Israeli spindle-like citron, fingers (or hand) of Buddha. In addition, in China it is “fu show”, “bushukon” in Japan, Liamau Yari, Jherek Tangan, Liamau Lingtang kerat in Malaysia, Dhiruk Tangan in Indonesia, Somsomu in Thailand, and Fat-Thu in Vietnam.

In India, they cultivate several varieties of citron of exotic form “Hand of Buddha.” “Bajoura” – a miniature juicy fruit with a thin skin. “Chhangura” – a wild variety with small, coarse fruits without pulp. “Madhankri” or “Madhkunkur” – a big fruit, with a sweetish flesh. “Turunj” – a large fruit, with a thick skin, a white inner part and edible sweet but poor juice. Indians can pickle fruits of wild “Chhangura”, and even eat whole, as well as use in refreshing drinks with ice.

Exotic lemon yellow fruit Buddha’s hand