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Harbour Island Pink Sands Beach

Harbour Island Pink Sands Beach

The most beautiful beach in the world Harbour Island Pink Sands Beach

Harbour Island Pink Sands Beach

Located on Harbour Island, the Bahamas Pink Sands Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Harbour island is visited by tropical storms, mainly in summer. The Island is covered with thickets of rare tropical flowers and trees. Feature of the resort – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Pink Sands Beach. The beach surface is covered with pink sand. Sand gets a pink color due to the presence of tiny shells of Foraminifera. During the day the pink sand plays different shades: sometimes pale purple, sometimes intense bright color, but always the same beautiful.

Bahamas Harbour Island Pink Sand Beach

The Bahamas, Harbour Island Pink Sand Beach

Flora and Fauna of the island – aquatic inhabitants (parrot fish, tarpon, lobster, Atlantic sailfish, mackerel, barracuda, sea turtles, numerous mollusks and sponges), animals (lizards, leaf-nosed bat bats), insects (termites, mosquitoes), birds (ducks, geese – come in winter), and in the lagoons are found flamingos. Vegetation – dominated by cactus and aloe, artificial planting mahogany, casuarinas and a number of coniferous tropical wood.

In addition, it is a luxury vacation spot for the world’s richest people. In the thickets of rare tropical flowers and trees are hiding the buildings constructed in the style of New England. The people of this island have the reputation of a very friendly people. On this quiet island there is no nightlife, it is very well suited for lovers of quiet secluded holiday on the beautiful coast of the ocean.

On one of the island lost among the expanse of the Caribbean Sea, beautiful pink beach … This is not a fantasy or a dream, but a reality, the ideal place for romantics and tireless dreamers. Its color is due to the beach pink shells and coral, brought by the sea surf to the shore. They are mixed with soft white sand of the coast, all this gives this amazing color.

The fabulous beach of pink sand is located on a small island in the harbor part of the Bahamian archipelago. The only town on the island, Dunmore, was founded in the XVIII century and is considered one of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas. Currently, 2,000 people live here, who are mainly engaged in the production of souvenirs and tourist services. The town makes a very good impression – multi-colored houses, colorful rainbow of fruit on the shelves of merchants, the abundance of tropical flowers and inexhaustible hospitality of the locals.

The Bahamas consist of about 700 islands, scattered among Caribbean. For a long time, they belonged to the British Empire, causing many buildings here have a characteristic British colonial style. Harbour Island, on which the pink beach is located, does not have large tourist complexes. Only small hotels and private villas, designed for a relaxing holiday surrounded by beautiful sights of this earthly paradise.

There are no cars at all. You can rent a golf cart or walk around the island on foot – the size of this small Caribbean paradise just over 5 km in length and less than 1 km wide. The famous beach of pink sand stretches along the east coast 4.5 km.
The sea is calm and serene. From the strong waves the beach is protected by coral reefs – one more attraction of the island. Transparent water and the richness of the underwater world create ideal conditions for diving and snorkeling.

To get to the pink sands island is possible by ferry from the nearby larger island of the Bahamas – Eleuthera (the trip will take about 10 minutes). Those wishing to relax a little longer on a pink beach are worth paying attention to the Pink Sands hotel, operating here since 1951. It covers an area of ​​8 hectares right in front of the coastal strip, surrounded by palm trees and tropical gardens. The hotel is included in the exclusive collection of boutique hotels from Preferred Boutique Company Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

Pink Sands offers 25 cozy private cottages, made in the traditional colonial style of the Bahamas. It is noteworthy that on the design of the hotel worked Barbara Hulanicki, known as the founder of the London fashion brand Biba. Her design talent Barbara has shown not only in the modeling industry, but also in interior design for a number of hotels in the resorts of the Caribbean.

Many reputable publications, including Forbes magazine and Travel + Leisure, of all the multi-colored beaches in the world awarded the pink beach Bahamas title of the most beautiful in the world. Countless times it is referred to as an ideal venue for weddings, honeymoons, and romantic weekends.

Harbour Island Pink Sands Beach