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Importance of choosing right stone color

Importance of choosing right stone color

Importance of choosing right stone color

Importance of choosing right stone color
The combination of colors and shades in each stone is unique. Colored by impurities of substances, they got into them during formation. When considering the palette of colors, it turned out that there were few purple and blue stones in nature, but many green ones. Meanwhile, the choice of color by each person, for the most part, occurs unconsciously, but with astonishing accuracy. By means of color, in each specific case, a person makes it clear to other people what kind of person he is, and how he feels himself. Noteworthy, the beauty of colored stone affects psychology, thoughts and creativity.
According to experts in the field of color and lithotherapy, when searching for a mascot stone and a healer stone, one should also take into account its color. Only then positive influence of stone on a person will be most effective.

Importance of choosing right stone color

Quartz crystal. Importance of choosing right stone color

In fact, the importance of choosing right stone color is undoubtful, as each stone affects a person in its own way.
For example, red color acts on the body excitingly, activates its activity, endurance, and improves mood.
Traditionally, the Japanese believed that red color protects against evil forces and troubles, from disease and misfortune. And in ancient India it is a source of light and heat.

Red, according to oriental medicine, cures diseases caused by wind and humidity. Many people believe that the energy of red has a stimulating effect on the bone marrow and nervous tissue. In addition, the effect of red color improves blood circulation and cardiac activity, “disperses blood”, and heals certain skin diseases.

Among red color stones – ruby, red garnets, spinel, red tourmaline, red jasper, coral, rhodonite and many others.
The orange color liberates, psychologically promotes a more tolerant relationship to each other, and strengthens the will. Also, the orange color gives the ability to restore the nervous and muscle tissue. Effective in the disease of the spleen, pulmonary system, it improves digestion. Stones of orange color include orange zircon – hyacinth, sardonyx, carnelian, opals of the corresponding shade, orange sapphire, some jasper and other stones.

If you prefer yellow color, then you should know that it has a stimulating effect on the eyesight and nervous system. Besides, yellow color stones activate mental abilities. Contemplation of the yellow color creates inner harmony. Noteworthy, yellow color has a cleansing effect on the whole body, treats a number of skin diseases, stimulates appetite, and heals insomnia. Among yellow stones: heliodor – a kind of chrysoberyl, rutile hairy quartz, carnelian, yellow varieties of topaz and tourmaline, citrine, amber and jasper.

The color of immortality, green is the color of nature itself. First of all, it increases the protective properties of the body, and soothingly acts on the psyche. Besides, eliminates cardiac arrhythmia, stabilizes blood pressure, improves eyesight, and promotes concentration of thought.
In general, the effect of green color creates in the body a sense of peace and balance, a feeling of freshness, coolness and security. Well-known green stones: demantoid, jadeite, emerald, malachite, nephrite, uvarovite, chrysoprase, chrome diopside and many other minerals.

Traditionally, blue is the color of emotion and communication. Blue tones give the impression of lightness, airiness and purity. Noteworthy, this color balances bold and energetic people, warns them against ill-considered actions. Most notable blue stones: aquamarine, blue topaz, a variety of zircon, turquoise, as well as many others.

In addition, the blue color increases the vitality of the body, helps restore the nervous system, and strengthens the ability to concentrate thoughts. Also, it helps in the fight against infections and fevers. It’s curative effect is in diseases of the throat, intestinal disorders, and various pulmonary diseases. The stones of blue color are sapphire, cordierite, lapis lazuli, blue tourmaline, azurite and others.

Interestingly, violet is the color of philosophers and poets, the color of the knowledge of the truth of being. Color able to calm the nervous system, it can be used for all mental and nervous disorders. Besides, it can help with rheumatism, concussion and kidney disease. And when you are engaged in creative work, violet color raises working capacity, and influences the spiritual development of a person. Violet stones: amethyst, charoite, fluorite.

Black – the color of a thick night, hiding many surprises. Traditionally, people associate negative things with black. In particular, decay, darkness, death – and therefore evil. However, black also plays a positive role – it is a color that helps overcome fear, and even bring up courage. Black stones: gagat, obsidian, black tourmaline, hematite, morion and others.

White – the color of good, luck, healing from infirmities, the color of purification and multiplication. This color gives strength and energy, aligns the mood, creates festivity and solemnity, symbolizes innocence and high spirituality. According to belief, white color has a therapeutic effect on the central nervous system, clears the body of toxins, and relieves stress. White stones: a kind of opal, a kind of chalcedony, cacholong and others.

Importance of choosing right stone color