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Life in color – Blue Animals

Blue Animals. The British Shorthair Blue Cat

The British Shorthair Blue Cat. Life in color – Blue Animals

Life in color – Blue Animals
First of all, British Blue cats are classics of the genre in the modern practice of breeding of British cats. And their color is the result of oxidation of black pigment gene in the gene under the influence of diluent (delution). However, British Blue cat is a well-established color for a hundred years. Meanwhile, Blue color is a gift inherited from the Cartesian cats (Chartreux), brought to England from France. Undoubtedly, blue animals are the most unusual, beautiful and rare in the wildlife. Birds with blue plumage, fish with bluish scale, blue whales and blue cats – like a blue dream, attract our attention, and deserve our admiration.

Blue tiger


Blue Tiger is a subspecies of tiger, mainly from the Fujian province in China, as well as from Korea. These tigers with remarkably bluish color with dark gray stripes are also known as Maltese, by analogy with the Maltese cats of blue color. However, the Blue Tigers have nothing to do with the island Malta. The existence of these tigers also confirms the fact that the Maltese color lynx. According to the number of observations, blue tiger population may number up to 30 individuals. And today, Blue Tiger is one of the most mysterious big cats in the world.

Blue snake (Serpentes)

Serpentes – Blue snake

Currently, in the world there are more than 3,000 species of snakes, and a quarter of them are toxic, and a threat to animals and humans. Snakes have mastered almost all the living spaces of the Earth, except air. There are snakes on all continents except Antarctica. They are distributed from the Arctic Circle in the north to the southern tip of the American continent. Especially numerous are snakes in the tropical areas of Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Snakes lead mostly terrestrial life, but some species live underground, in water, and in the trees.

Blue Star, or blue Linckia

Amazing Blue Star, or blue Linckia

Blue Star, or blue Linckia (lat. Linckia laevigata) – a very popular aquarium inhabitant. Individuals that live in shallow waters have turquoise or purple color, sometimes with a more languid specks. Stars from great depths are usually painted not so bright, they have greyish, yellowish or pinkish hue. Usually it grows up to 30 cm in diameter, although some instances can reach 40 cm. Blue Star, or blue Linckia is widespread in the Indo-Pacific from the east coast of Africa to Hawaii in the east, to the north comes to Japan. It can be detected in the closed lagoons to reef plateau and on the outer walls of the reefs.

Blue Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw is the largest and most expensive parrot in the world. Its beautiful cobalt-blue color and impressive size – length of 98 centimeters and weighs about half a kilogram – have led to the fact that in the wild Ara is on the verge of extinction. Not surprisingly, today wishing to purchase Hyacinth parrot have to pay from 6,500 to 14,000 dollars. Hyacinth Macaw – the perfect pet. It is beautiful, intellectually developed, sociable and graceful. Ara quickly learns quite consciously and not says hysterics – noise just in case. Vocabulary of these parrots rarely exceed 50-60 words, but they often recite them, which usually makes people excited.

Life in color – Blue Animals

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