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Colorful Pieridae White Butterfly

Pieridae White Butterfly species. The butterfly with a wide range of color despite its name

The butterfly with a wide range of color despite its name. Pieridae White Butterfly species

Pieridae White Butterfly belongs to a large family of butterflies, usually with white wings and yellow, orange and black spots. However, it would be wrong to think that all Pieridae butterflies are white. And even more diverse and bright colors have tropical species of white butterflies, where many forms become almost black, while retaining some bright spots. Their caterpillars live on various fruit trees, berry bushes, and vegetables, eating their leaves. Interestingly, the name of the butterflies often corresponds to the plants on which butterflies can lay eggs, for example Aporia Crataegi, cabbage butterfly, Pieris rapae, green-veined white, etc. The pigments that give the distinct coloring to these butterflies are derived from waste products in the body and are a characteristic of this family. Meanwhile, White (light yellow) butterflies are found worldwide. In fact, the pattern and color of many species vary with sex and season. Besides, many of the green, slender larvae, most of which are covered with a short down, or pile, are pests of garden crops.

Pieridae Butterfly

Red Pieridae Butterfly

In the world there are more than two thousand species of Pieridae White Butterfly with a wide range of color despite its name. They are well known by those members of the family in which the wings are indeed white. European species of this family of butterflies are predominantly white or yellow color, male and female of many species differ markedly.

In many regions Pieridae White Butterfly are most common butterflies. In the Netherlands, there are large quantities of white-winged cabbage butterflies. As a rule, they crowd together, eating the leaves around completely. Butterflies feed on flower nectar. Males in hundreds flock to the sandy or muddy banks of rivers, where they drink water with dissolved inorganic substances. By the way, inorganic substances are necessary for the formation of pheromones that attract females. However, their migration mechanisms have not been studied.

Pieridae White Butterfly