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Sunset colors over mountains

Sunset colors over mountains

Photo by Sergey Pesterev, National geographic. Sunset colors over mountains

Sunset colors over mountains

According to those who live in the mountainous area, there is nothing more beautiful than the mountains. And colors of sunset in the mountains are especially beautiful. Indeed, they are beautiful in any season, any weather, and any time of the day. To watch and enjoy mountains is possible forever. On cloudy, rainy days, when the sun hides behind the clouds, on the slopes appears thick, bluish mist, which, in close contact with the clouds, forms a solid mass of smoky substance. Sometimes, the fog is so thick that it is impossible to distinguish anything at a distance of five steps. If during the day, especially in sunny and clear weather, the mountains shimmer variety of colors – blue, yellow, purple, green, but they are miraculously transformed at night. At dusk, the mountains are lit by the village lights, and the impression is that some of the stars moved from heaven to earth. An indescribable beauty!

Sunset colors over mountains, photo National geographic

Sunset colors over mountains, photo by Sergey Pesterev, National geographic

Yellow, blindingly bright day, changes its color and shade to a soft and warm, which, like a weightless shawl, covers everything. For a brief moment sunset creates an atmosphere of comfort and peace. In the last rays, colors are miraculously transforming. Green plants show saturation and contrast. All living things, active during the day, are preparing for bed rest.

Minerals by natural formations, mountains are sheer cliffs, narrow winding paths, caves, deep gorges, diverse flora and fauna. They are incredibly beautiful and centuries beckon us with its mystery and diversity. They are powerful and majestic, looking at them, you feel small, insignificant speck in this vast world.

For centuries, man has tried to master Mountains, explore the inside, and subdue. They paved new roads, and extracted subsoil resources. People mindlessly despise them, naively believing that they have the right to do with the nature all they want. But the mountains are vindictive, treacherous, and unpredictable. As a result, avalanches, mudslides, and landslides, at any moment may come down from the mountain, bringing death to all living things that will be on their way.

However, mountains are different,and have various shape, size, terrain, presence or absence of vegetation. Some mountains from a distance resemble shaved heads of men, and they are bare stony, devoid of any vegetation. Others are covered with pine forests, wild bushes, they are inhabited with animals: wolves, foxes, hares, wild boars.

Meanwhile, mountains heal us from the various mental and physical ailments. Their inaccessibility, isolation from civilization make people fear, awe and admire at the same time. The mountains symbolize the strength and power of the eternal nature, represent the natural beginning of life on earth.

In the morning, the air is filled with freshness, purity, and coolness. The mountain air is discharged, and to breathe here is easy and useful. And the longevity of people inhabiting mountainous areas have become legends. Some villages and towns are built on the tops of the mountains, on the ridges and spurs. Highlanders built the houses even on the cliffs. You wonder how people built such houses. Are not they afraid to live at such a height? What if an earthquake or other natural disaster happen?! But the Highlanders are not afraid of difficulties in life. Indeed, they know from experience that the native mountains – their loyal and reliable defenders.

Sunset colors over mountains