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The International Green Cucumber Festival in Suzdal

The International Green Cucumber Festival in Suzdal

The heroes of the day – Green and yellow Cucumbers. The International Green Cucumber Festival in Suzdal

The International Green Cucumber Festival in Suzdal

Nobody knows when cucumbers first appeared in Russia. It is known that in the region of Vladimir it was grown 5 – 7 centuries ago, in other words, a long enough time ago that we may consider the cucumber inherently Russian!
Meanwhile, Suzdal is one of the most renowned centers of cucumber production. Since time immemorial the residents of Suzdal have had a special passion for cucumbers. Anania Fedorov, a Suzdal priest, has been practicing the art of cucumber-cultivation for centuries, nursing cucumbers like babies and even giving them different names: “pikuli” for smaller ones, “zelentsy” for middle-sized cucumbers and “oklyovishy” for flawed ones.
You may be asking yourself, “Why all the fuss?’ Wrong. As one of the characters in an Ostrovsky play asked “And what is a business? What is it in comparison to eternity and a pickled cucumber?”

Cucumber Day

Suzdal – Cucumber Day. The International Green Cucumber Festival in Suzdal

Folk theater is among the best Russian traditions in which the cucumber plays a prominent role on stage and provokes the audience to recall the ancient rituals and wise traditions of our ancestors. On the museum grounds, for example, anyone who so desires can learn the elevated and delicate” art of pickling cucumbers.

A lot of interesting things took place at the Cucumber festival. The region’s most celebrated folkrlore groups performed, various souvenires made of wood, clay, paper and rags (most of the yellow-green in color to emulate the hero of the day) were on sale, and you could have taken home some great snapshots of yourself in a cucumber costume!

This year the XVII International Cucumber Festival took place 15 July, 2017.
The old friends, brothers-buffons Sidor and Falaley, greeted numerous guests. Lots of guests and tourists from the USA, France, Spain and other counties came to Suzdal to greet the hero of the festivity: the Suzdal Cucumber.

Every guest of the festival likely found amusements of his taste: epicures appreciated cucumber delicacies, while the strongest and boldest took part in games and amusements. The youngest guests of the Festival learned to pickle cucumbers and saw the absorbng performance, “The adventures of the Suzdal Cucumber in the Thick Forest”.

Lots of guests from the neighboring regions took part in the festival. Market- gardeners from the neighboring regions took part in festival. Market-gardeners from the town of Murom and Vyazniki, which are also famous for theit cucumbers, gave not only an interesting pre4sentation about the development of market gardening in their region, but also composed the excellent folk-group “Vishenka”.

In “The Cucumber Yard”, the best folk groups of the Vladimir region presented the guests of the festival with Russian songs and dances.
“The Cucumber Exhibition” presented the hero of the Festival in various forms: wood, clay, glass, yellow and green as a real Suzdal cucumber. “The Cucumber Auction” was the culmination of the festival.

A particularly important prize in the festival was set aside for the most remarkable cucumber costume. The travel agency awarded the winner with the top ptize. It was impossible to miss her elegant, touching cucumber in the celebratory cucumber parade. In addition, the gardener who grew the longest cucumber got the prize.

According to the tradition, a huge balloon carried the symbol of the Festival the Green Cucumber far away into the sky. However, it is eager to return to Suzdal to the next Cucumber Festival, which will be held next July!

The International Green Cucumber Festival in Suzdal

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