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Violet color meaning

Violet color meaning. Nikolai Feshin, girl in violet dress

“Girl in a violet dress”. Painting by Nikolai Feshin. Life in color – Violet color meaning

Violet color meaning
To determine violet color, neither reddish nor bluish, is extremely difficult. Violet and purple look very similar; but the difference is quite simple – violet is a true color, with its own wavelength on the spectrum of visible light, while purple is a composite color, made by combining blue and red. Violet color has medical properties – helps treat neurosis, loss of faith, despair, loss of self-esteem, concussion, epilepsy, neuralgia and multiple sclerosis. It works favorably in extremely active and busy lifestyle, helps with insomnia, migraines and depression. But this color is not recommended for people with severe mental illness and suffering from alcoholism.

Violet and purple look very similar; but violet is a true color, while purple is a composite color

Purple and Violet look very similar; but violet is a true color, while purple is a composite color

Violet is the hue of piety, and, when darkened and dulled, of dark superstition. Lurking catastrophe bursts forth from dark violet. Once it is lightened, when light and understanding illuminate dark piety, delicate and lovely tints enchant us.

Chaos, death, and exaltation in violet, solitude and dedication in blue-violet, divine love and spiritual dominion in red-violet — these, in few words, are some of the expressive values of the violet band. Many plants have light violet shoots with yellow centers.

In Chinese painting, the color violet represents the harmony of the universe because it is a combination of red and blue (Yin and yang respectively).

Violet color facts:

Violet is usually attributed to the “cold”.
In medieval Europe, when the king or someone from the royal family was dying, the court wore purple clothing in mourning.
July 18, 2003 in Argentine the zoo doctor gave polar bear experimental cure dermatitis, followed by the polar bear has changed color, becoming purple. As it turned out – it was an allergic reaction.

Armenian violet flower forget-me-not – the emblem of the memory of the Armenian Genocide, as dark violet coloring resembles a traditional priestly vestments of the Armenian Apostolic Church, which “has been and remains the heart of the Armenian identity”.

As the antipodal of yellow, or consciousness, violet is the color of the unconscious — mysterious, impressive, and sometimes oppressive, now menacing, now encouraging, according to contrast. When violet is present in large areas it can be distinctly terrifying, particularly towards the purple. “A light of this kind, cast upon a landscape,” says Goethe, ’’suggests the terrors of the end of the world.”

Violet color meaning