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World’s most blue city – blue Chefchaouen of Morocco

World's most blue city - blue Chefchaouen of Morocco

Step into another world. Known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco, the beauty of the city evades true description. World’s most blue city – blue Chefchaouen of Morocco

Blue Chefchaouen of Morocco
Called the most blue city in the world, Chefchaouen is a riot of sky blue, sapphire blue and all hues of blue color. Considered the most beautiful city in Morocco, walls of its buildings painted in various shades of blue. In fact, whole streets of the old city – painted light blue, sapphire, navy blue, and violet colors create an atmosphere of a fairy tale. Meanwhile, the tradition of painting the walls was due to the refugee Jews who came to Morocco in the 1930s. They painted doors, windows, walls in the old city in a sacred for the Jews color, which always reminds them of heaven and God.
According to tourists, some of them had a feeling to be straight inside a huge picture. Undoubtedly, this city, the blue pearl, is worth visiting and one where you want to return.

A woman in blue clothes walking along the blue street

A woman in blue clothes walking along the blue street

I have a blue house with a blue window
Blue is the color of all that I wear
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue

Blue are the people here that walk around
Blue like my Corvette, it’s in and outside
Blue are the words I say and what I think
Blue are the feelings that live inside me

(Eiffel 65)

A divinely beautiful blue city that looks like a dream, to the imaginary world of little elves. On these walls is a celestial dust with historical depth, reflecting the light of crystal flares and keeping the secrets of centuries.
Everything is not proportional, not logical, not real. You can not look for logic in art, you can only observe and admire, remember sensations, atmosphere, sounds, smells and colors.

This absolutely wonderful town is a real gem of the Moroccan cultural heritage, and due to its beautiful and colorful architecture is truly unique.

Blue Chefchaouen of Morocco

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