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Yellow color for Vincent Van Gogh

Cafe Terrace at Night, 1888. Yellow color for Vincent Van Gogh

Cafe Terrace at Night, 1888. Yellow color for Vincent Van Gogh

Yellow color for Vincent Van Gogh

In fact, Yellow was a favorite color of Vincent Van Gogh. Indeed, Yellow color lives in most of his paintings – sunflowers, wheat ears, landscapes at harvest time, and in the light of the sun. Since the stay in Arles, the yellow color is becoming increasingly important in the paintings of the artist. On the one hand, he was assigned to it by the nature of southern France. But on the other hand, he was an eccentric artist. In Arles, Van Gogh rented a small house that he wanted, and in reality painted in yellow.

Haystacks in Provence, Arles, June 1888

Haystacks in Provence, Arles, June 1888. Yellow color for Vincent Van Gogh

“Under the blue-yellow sun … … the whole earth is yellow,” and the house “had to be painted yellow outside, white on the inside whitewashed everywhere … Outside sunny yellow, white inside, a lot of sun, finally, I’ll see my pictures in a really bright room; red brick floor.” Vincent Van Gogh.

Meanwhile, to decorate his yellow house, Van Gogh created a composition of sunflowers – a few pictures of yellow-orange flowers on the blue background. And Van Gogh himself called it “a symphony of blue and yellow.” Interestingly, Van Gogh attributed yellow color with magical properties to fill a man with a sense of joy and love of life. According to Emile Bernard, “Yellow was his favorite color, the symbol of light, which he wanted to see not only in paintings but also in our hearts.”

As a rule, Van Gogh widely used yellow color to create the background of his portraits. For example, in the painting “The Italian” Vincent, as if declares a pagan cult of the sun and associated with it yellow.

Furthermore, in the paintings of Van Gogh presents extra light, sizzling shades of yellow, for example, in his famous self-portrait in a bright yellow straw hat.

In the last year of his life, Van Gogh paints a picture “Reaper.” In a letter to his brother Theo, he wrote: “I thought of “Reaper” as an unclear hard working, exhausted under the burning sun from the endless work figure. And as the embodiment of death in the sense that humanity – is the bread, which is to be harvested. Hence, “the Reaper” is. So to say, the opposite of “Sower at sunset”, I tried to paint before. But this embodiment of death has nothing sad – as everything happens in the bright light of the sun, which rays pour all with the colors of pure gold.”

Van Gogh also liked to depict the contrast of purple and yellow colors in the paintings of the night. Van Gogh wrote: “Sunset. Moon rise, in some cases, the summer sun. Purple city, yellow star, blue sky, green. Spikes of all shades, old gold, copper, green, or red gold, yellow gold, yellow bronze. “In the paintings of the artist yellow light is present in the evening lights in yellow light bulb, illuminating the terrace.

Moreover, in the paintings of Van Gogh yellow color is an expression of a hot summer, and harvest crops, sunflowers, mature ears. At the same time it is a symbol of the harvest, and the zenith of life. Consequently, yellow color for Van Gogh expresses the energy of light, which is at the same time meant to him creative energy.

Yellow color for Vincent Van Gogh

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