Life in color

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Yener Torun photographing Istanbul colors

Yener Torun photographing Istanbul colors

Red and black. Life in color – Yener Torun photographing Istanbul colors

Yener Torun photographing Istanbul colors

Turkish Fine art photographer and architect, Yener Torun has lived in Istanbul for more than fifteen years. This city inspires him every day. Indeed, the city in the photographs of Yener Torun shown from a quite unexpected side – modern, beautiful, and magnificent with its colorful architecture. The talented architect and photographer spends his time wandering around the city capturing bright yellow, red, green, orange, and blue constructions. Besides, the photographer shares his work on social site, such as Instagram. By the way, he has about 400 posts and more than 120,000 followers. Indeed, Istanbul is the ultimate city of contrasts, with the new minimalist design of buildings that boasts a variety of colors. And 32-year-old photographer Yener Torun aims to show a clean minimalist view of the city, that contrasts the ornate, Ottoman architecture. According to Torun, Istanbul is mystical and historic but also a modern city. And he believes that the increasing variety of aspects provides a better understanding of the city. “I decided to look for something different and started searching less ornate, simpler, modern lines of the city”, says Yener Torun.

Architectural fantasy of Red, blue, green, and yellow

Architectural fantasy of Red, blue, green, and yellow. Yener Torun photographing Istanbul colors

“I dug every corner of the city and I spent most of my free time looking for colorful buildings. In short, finding them is like finding an oasis in a desert, because Istanbul is like a desert of grey buildings. Anyway, there has been an explosion of construction business in Turkey in the last 10 years. Thanks to it, appeared many new structures bringing different stylistic approaches”.

Any color, artificial or natural, is able to influence a person, causing a variety of emotions. Therefore, to achieve harmony requires a profound knowledge of color, especially when creating exteriors and interiors of buildings.

Color in architecture is an integral part of one of the fundamental pillars in the construction of objects. Because it is by means of color a building can stand out from the others, or vice versa, get lost among similar buildings.

Color for the building – one of the main ways of expression in the creation of a unified and harmonious way. Color hides the flaws and emphasizes the advantages.

Yener Torun photographing Istanbul colors