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Your daily food color preferences

Your daily food color preferences. Influence of food color on health and psychology

Influence of food color on health and psychology. Your daily food color preferences

Your daily food color preferences
Many modern psychologists, specializing in nutrition and digestion, recommend to diversify the food by the color of the products. According to them, it is necessary in order to saturate the body with all the necessary substances and maintain in balance all the body systems. And nutritionist, in turn, support psychologists. Meanwhile, this position originates in Ayurveda, which explains the relationship of the color of food and its effect on the body. To ensure that the food brings real benefits to the body, the whole spectrum of primary colors must be present in it. Just because different colors have different qualities and have different effects on the body.

The color of food is able to affect the physical body at the level of the field structure, suppressing, or, conversely, stimulating this or that bodily function. In addition, the color of food strongly affects the taste sensations. Agree that products of unusual color, for example, green semolina, red cucumbers or purple tomatoes will not cause great appetite.
In fact, composing combinations of products of different colors, you can significantly improve health and reduce weight.

Influence of food color on health and psychology

Health and psychology. Your daily food color preferences

🍓Red color

Red food contains a large supply of vitamin C, which is very necessary for the body at any time of the year. And these products have a large supply of protective components – carotenoids and lycopene. Food with a predominance of red color awakens love and passion, improves energy production, activates metabolism, and stimulates blood circulation. However, irritable and easily excitable people should not use it much.

Red products include: tomatoes of almost all sorts, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and cherry, red hot and Bulgarian peppers, red apples, radish, etc.

🥒Products of green color

Green color is the color of fertility and healing, security and renewal. The products of green color, mainly vegetables and some types of fruits, contain a large supply of chlorophyll, which alkalizes the body and thereby contributes to its recovery. Noteworthy, green foods contain many antioxidants, which prolong the youth of the body.
Examples of green foods: cucumbers, asparagus, broccoli, any greens, cabbage, spinach, avocado and zucchini, gooseberries, green peas and others.

🍊Orange color of food

Orange color is creativity and self-realization. Food of this color is rich in carotenoids, protecting the body cells from aging. Besides, orange products raise the mood, saving from the seasonal spleen. Also, help restore nerve cells, activate the urogenital sphere.
An example of orange food: carrots, pumpkin, mandarins, sweet potatoes, nectarines, peaches, papaya, persimmon.

🍋Yellow color food

Yellow foods are rich in lutein, which protects cells from stress. This color symbolizes endurance and power. Products of yellow color include almost all types of citrus, which can reduce inflammation in the body and maintain healthy blood circulation. Corn, lemon, banana and pineapple, cheese and egg yolks are examples of yellow foods that stimulate digestion. Yellow food brings the body into equilibrium, and harmonizes all the physiological processes.

🍆Blue and violet products

Food of blue and violet shades are plums, blueberries, honeysuckle, dark grapes, beets, red cabbage and of course, eggplants. They protect blood vessels, preserve their purity, have a beneficial effect on cardiac activity, and improve vision. Besides, blue and violet products soothe, and set on a philosophical harmony. Blue color is the color of calmness and stability. So, the products of this color are good for overexcited and melancholcal people.

If your diet regularly contains violet food, then the chance to stay healthy and prolong life increases in you several times. In particular,
Blueberries prevent the growth of breast cancer cells. Also, they are rich in prebiotics and struggle with aging.
According to scientists, people should regularly eat black grapes: it improves brain function and protects against cardiovascular diseases.
Women who ate 3 servings of violet food a week lowered the risk of a heart attack by 32%.

🥚White products

Food of white color includes all dairy products, garlic, white wheat flour pasta, white rice, cauliflower and other white foods. They have a calming effect on the psyche and the nervous system. The white color of food is the color of renewal, purity and lightness, it helps to eliminate toxins.

According to dietitians, to create a balance and harmonization of all body systems, build your diet so that every day all the colors were present on the plate. Besides, in the morning and in the afternoon eat stimulating products that promote energy production. However, in the evening it is better to give preference to calming colors.

All that we eat daily, necessarily affects our body, mind and mood. Harmony of color regulates our psychological state and often we unconsciously choose those colors of products that are necessary for our body. And adding to this awareness, we can regulate our diet in such a way that it is not just nutritious, but also healing.

Your daily food color preferences

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